My trip to Brazil in 2011 was a turning point in my life. It was ballsy, exciting, trying, educational, inspiring…I wish it had lasted forever.

I had been living in LA for over two years and working like a crazy person when the light bulb came on for this trip. Life was getting stale, even after just recently taking trips to Mexico and Turkey. I was itching to get away…but I mean really, really get away. So, I made some plans. Big ones. I decided that I deserved a long, relaxing, and exotic vacation. Not like the two-week trips I had taken to Europe previously. I wasn’t messing around this time. I wanted to spend time traveling and seeing as much as I could until I ran out of my savings. Working nonstop has its benefits such as saving all your money. So I took a sabbatical and bought a couple of plane tickets around the world.

First stop, Brazil. The country I’ve had a strange obsession with since college. The country whose language I find more captivating than any other in the world. I was going for exactly what I always wanted. The number one destination on my bucket list.