This photo was taken at a great little restaurant in Baixa. Although it was my second time visiting Lisbon it was my first time really seeing the city as an insider. My favorite way to travel is with someone who knows the place and all the little nooks and crannies. This restaurant was a perfect example of the kind of gem I would’ve missed on my own.

I was on a short but sweet trip to Portugal visiting my best friend and her boyfriend. They so graciously hosted me for the week and I was able to see all the amazing places I missed on my first visit. On this particular day they brought me on a walking tour through winding back streets covered in graffiti to the center of town. I love Lisbon because it isn’t massive and often times feels like you’re in a small town where everyone knows everyone. We even stopped a few times to chat with friends of theirs that were passing by.

Absentmindedly we left the house without filling our bellies so by the time we got to the center we were ready to eat. Only problem was we had dinner plans in a few hours. My friend quickly came up with this place which solved any and all problems. We would go have a Portuguese beer, prosciutto, croquettes and toast. Doesn’t sound like anything special, right? Oh, but it was. It was a meal that really defines the saying “less is more.” Everything about it was perfect from the old school decor to the old man serving our food and drinks. Needless to say we left with big smiles on our faces. That prosciutto really hit the spot.