This photo was taken in Byron Bay, a lively, new-age, beach-side town in New South Wales, just an hour and a half away from where my friend Alana was living in 2011. She had close friends in town that week and we all decided to take a day trip to explore a favorite destination of theirs.

The town is very charming and has a laid-back, hippie feel to it. I imagine it has a lot of backpackers, pot smokers, and surfers visiting on a regular basis. Despite arriving just as it began to rain, we made the best of the afternoon by checking out the beach, the little shops, and eventually taking a break from the rain to get some lunch.

Over the month and a half that I spent in Australia, I noticed how rare it was to find a kid that wasn’t as cute as a button, and this one in the photo is no exception. After prancing around in the rain with her brother, she took her place front and center to listen to this man play the didgeridoo, a traditional Australian instrument. It was the first time I heard one played on my trip and it was a truly enjoyable experience. The little girls curiosity was adorable and it made me miss those days when we could dance in the rain and jump through puddles all day long.