Once upon a time my sister and I thought it would be safe to drive form LA to a friends retreat property in Mexico for the weekend. We had both been to Mexico a few times before so we didn’t really think twice about it. Looking back now, it was definitely an adventure to tell the grandkids about.
I timed the drive poorly and after stopping in San Diego, we ended up in Ensenada way after dark. This was rather unfortunate because our directions were terrible and we hadn’t realized just how far “off the grid” the house really was. Once in Ensenada, we failed miserably in our attempt to speak Spanish, passed by a few men with massive guns, drove in circles and down dark dirt roads until finally finding our way to a little piece of paradise. The five bedroom eco house sits on a cliff overlooking La Bufadora on the outskirts of Ensenada and is truly a sight to be seen. 
This photo was taken the next day on a walk down to the ocean where the waves magically wiped away any bad memories from the day before.

After some exploring our neighbor took us into town to get some of the best fish tacos on the planet. In fact, I still dream about them to this day. We also happened to stumble upon Carnaval in downtown Ensenada. Only I would be able to plan a trip that just so happens to be the same weekend as one of the largest parties in Mexico. In true Kennedy fashion we drank some tequila, ate the worm from a bottle of Mezcal, and finished off the day with a bowl of lengua (tongue) soup. Eventually we made it back across the border with a voicemail box full of concerned messages and a weekend of great memories.