This photo was taken on our first night in Santorini back in July of 2011, right outside the little town of Oia. The hotel my friend and I stayed at was pretty far from the center of town so we decided to rent a car and explore.

After getting to Oia by using only street signs and my innate sense of direction, we settled on this beautiful restaurant to watch the sunset. I spotted it from the road and decided it was the perfect place to take in the picturesque view. It was, hands down, the most amazing sunset I have ever seen.

The food on the other hand was a different story. We ordered very typical Greek dishes including tzatziki, horiatikia (village salad), and calamari. By the end of the night I was keeled over with food poisoning and the nightmare didn’t end until the following evening.

The worst part about it was not being able to eat any delicious food for 24 hours, which the Greeks make with such love and pride. I even turned down a gyro.