Forgive me if this post sounds a bit deflated. It’s been just over a week since I arrived in Rio and I’m still trying to get settled in. It’s taken me a few days to process what I’ve actually gotten myself in to. I have no job, I speak almost no Portuguese, and I know very few people here. I knew this before, but it’s just hitting me now. Like a ton of bricks.

Since arriving I’ve already experienced how slowly things happen in Brasil, such as getting set up with a cell phone and (functioning) internet. My phone is a very touchy subject and I have since moved on from my near meltdown when not being able to use it for a few days. Slightly my fault, mostly Brazil’s. It made me realize that maybe, just MAYBE I am slightly attached. But all is good in the world because I have a brand new, shiny, Rio phone number.

Unlike the phone trauma, one thing that I was able to do quickly was sign up for Portuguese classes! I start Monday and will go 5 days a week / 3 hours a day. Since I’m going to be spending fifteen hours a week in a classroom and my boyfriend will only speak to me in Portuguese, I should be fluent in no time…….right?!

Even with plenty of productive things happening, I was able to explore the city a little. We met up with some friends, went to a ‘feira’ and of course laid on the beach and got really burnt. Here are some of my favorite shots from the past week xx