Does time ever stop flying? It’s been exactly one month since arriving in Brazil and I’m ashamed that this is only my second post. (hand-to-face)

Despite the slow start, I will be checking in more often since I am officially on my own for two weeks – every two weeks. On my own meaning my boyfriend works in Rondonia, a state up north, half of the month while I’ll be down in Rio enjoying the beautiful Carioca life. This all started today so the training wheels are off. No more tips and tricks and translations from my Brazilian. I’m hoping the three weeks of Portuguese classes I’ve taken will pay off.

I wasn’t so stressed about the language before coming here. In most countries it’s easy to pick up a few words in order to get by and avoid being rude. Pointing and hand gestures are also a huge help to getting your point across. But I’m learning that Portuguese isn’t a piece of cake. It also doesn’t help when your brain tends to mash it up and twist it around with Spanish. I also don’t usually spend so much time thinking about how I want to say something, a weird thing to get used to at 27 years of age. In my brain at least, it goes a little something like this: Pause…what do I want to say? Pause…thinks in English. Pause pause…thinks in Portuguese. Pause pause…corrects itself in Portuguese and removes Spanish. Pause…speaks in broken Portuguese. Pause…repeats in Portuguese because the person has no idea what you said. Pause…embarrassment. This will all speed up with time, I know it, but my crash course in Portuguese has begun.

Besides learning the language, I’ve been exploring the city and trying to see as much as I can. There are so many beautiful parks where I could just waste away the afternoons. The beach in Leblon is just a few blocks from my apartment and I’ve spent as much time there as my Irish skin will allow. Running along the beach at 7 pm when the city has cooled down is more refreshing than I had ever imagined. Besides a few hiccups, I’m really enjoying myself. Check out the pictures below to see what I’ve been up to xx


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