I’m like that bad friend that you run into who promises they’re going to call more often, then you don’t hear from them for months. I don’t like being that annoying flaky friend. It’s a new year, my internet connection is strong, and I’m going to give this another go.

I spent the month of December at home renewing my visa and celebrating the holidays with my family and friends in Connecticut. Yes, I’m from that place between New York and Boston. Since my last post a lot has happened so we’ll just start fresh? Lets backtrack to last week when I arrived back in Brazil. It was wonderful. I went from 0°F to 100°F in just 10 hours.

Now that I’m back in Brazil with a shiny new 8 month visa, I’m feeling gooood. Excuse the Nina Simone reference. (I will come back to this visa situation with a certain rant that I’ll save for another day when I’m feeling less fired up about it. Brasil couldn’t be more beautiful or frustrating. I’ll leave it at that, for now.)

I landed in Rio after the new year and headed straight to Paraty. If you’re lucky enough to have a car in this city, Paraty is just a four hour car ride away. For my boyfriend and I, it was a six hour bus ride. This was six hours on top of my ten hour flight on top of….I’ll stop complaining. The buses have AC and the seats lay all the way back and to be honest are not that terrible. I had already been to Paraty in 2011 so I knew what a treat I was in for and it made the long journey much more bearable.

Paraty is a worth-while destination no matter what your style of travel. To give you a little background, it’s a preserved Portuguese colonial town, built around 1600 along Costa Verde. Besides having an incredible old-world charm, it’s packed with adventure options which is why I love it so much. There are so many places to hike, and so many waterfalls to see. A friend of mine runs a great company, Espirito Livre Aventuras out of Paraty that does hiking, biking, kayaking, stand up paddle, and multi-day boat trips that you just can’t miss. This is the way to go when in Paraty because the city is situated in a bay, which means the beaches are muddy and the water is much like “hot soup” during the summer.

I’ve included some of my favorite shots from last week. Let me know what you think. Will you be adding Paraty to your Brazil bucket list?

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